cold chain-

down to the
last mile

vaara is India’s first refrigerated
storage for EVs. The indigenous,
all-electric answer to first & last-mile deliveries.
D2C, now a breeze.

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Because it’s not another reefer, Why vaara, Comparision
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Vaara500 ETRU
Why vaara?

Because it’s not another reefer

vaara is a low power & energy efficient cooling solution which will help you bring down your cooling costs by 75%.
Vaara Sustainable cooling technology
Why vaara?

Because your product matters

vaara keeps your product refrigerated and in pristine condition until it's destination. This way it reaches its customer as intended.
Why vaara?

Because the EV wave is here

Breeze past carbon taxes, diesel-run transit and the petro-chemicals of the past. Embrace the future: a smarter, greener means of how your product reaches it’s customer.
Vaara Sustainable cooling technology
Why vaara?

Because last-mile solutions are inefficient

vaara’s temperature-controlled technology bridges the gap where other solutions designed for cold-chain fall through.
last-mile cold chain delivery

Who is vaara for?

Bakeries, pharmaceuticals, groceries, dairy products, and breweries depend on keeping their products cool to maintain high quality, when they reach their end-users. Vaara, as a mobile refrigerating system for last-mile deliveries, is the ideal solution.

cakes and pastries
Frozen Foods
Frozen Foods
dairy products

Who is vaara for?

Medical Samples
Meat & Fish
Dairy Products
Cold Chamber Volume
Temp. Range
Average Power
Ideal for
4000L/141ft 3
2100L X 1550W X  1550H
DC 48V
10°C to -20°C
3-4 Wheeler L5 size
Vaara 1500 ETRU
2200L/78ft 3
1610L X 1450W X 1420H
DC 48V
10°C to -20°C
3 Wheeler L5 size
Product model "vaara75", Product Icon, Scooter
40L/1.4ft 3
550L X 500W X 415H
DC 48V
10°C to -20°C
2 Wheeler


Does it work on vehicle batteries?
Is this designed for EVs only?
How does vaara affect the range of the EV?
How many hours does it take to pre-cool on a wall power point?
How much electricity does vaara consume when pre-cooling on a wall power point?
How does vaara reduce downtime during maintenance?

About vaara

With the direct-to-consumer marketplace growing exponentially through the 2020 pandemic, it became evident that the Indian cold-chain system had a missing link that was hindering its efficacy: a reliable, economical last-mile cooling solution. The passive cooling solutions available were crude, highly laborious & unreliable. The reefer solutions were down-sized from larger volumes but had a large footprint.

What was required was an indigenous product that could overcome these challenges- one that could fit in seamlessly with the incoming EV wave. That’s when vaara was conceptualised— a sustainable refrigeration system that restores reliance in quality.

The team

Khushboo Shinagare, Co-Founder

Khushboo Shinagare, Co-Founder

Khushboo played an integral role in mobile-cooling company Tropicool, having previously worked with a renowned IT firm. Built on 17 years of experience, and with recognition in the auto industry as a “Woman of Mettle” by Motorindia Magazine, she develops & executes business strategies and collaborations at vaara.
Amol Monga, Co-Founder

Amol Monga, Co-Founder

With various roles in electrical design in the US, UK and India, Amol developed power circuits and managed teams designing industrial machinery. Today, with over 15 years of experience, Amol drives R&D and product design at vaara.