Vaara V40: Sustainable Last Mile Cold Chain Solution for Efficient Refrigerated Transport

Vaara V40 is a zero-emission active cooling refrigerated box designed to be mounted on 2-wheeler EVs for cold chain deliveries. With a temperature range of -5°C to +10°C, it serves various cold chain applications like bakery, dairy, pharmaceuticals, groceries, and meat delivery in the last mile. Featuring a 40-liter capacity and 40kg payload, it’s the ideal solution for sustainable last-mile cold chain deliveries. The unit operates on its individual battery, sustaining up to 5 hours per charge.

When stationary the unit can also function on a wall adapter plugged into normal a 15 amp plug.


Higher Profits

Zero Emission

50% Cost Savings

70% Energy Saving

Real Time Tracking

Light Weight

Techincal Specifications

Cold Chamber Volume40L/1.4Ft 3
Dimensions (mm)550L X 500W X 415H
VoltageDC 48V
Temperature Range10°C to -5°C
Average Power95W-125W
Ideal For2 - Wheeler
Payload40 Kgs

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